I get asked all the time: where is Oshie from? Did we get her from a corgi breeder in Canada? How much was she? Well I’m finally putting everything out in the open and full disclosure, the title of this blog post is deceiving…

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted a dog. There’s something so comforting in having a furry companion on all your adventures and after much convincing, got a family dog at age 9. Many years later, and a few years after my first dog’s death, I started my mission to convince Reid to get one. Having had one before, I knew I had to change my tactics and approach this time around. While my parents’ spacious yard was great for a rambunctious labrador, our small 700 square foot apartment with just a small outdoor balcony could only fit a smaller sized dog who, ideally, was a lap dog and/or couch potato. I knew I didn’t want a brachycephalic dog (pug, bulldog, shih tzus, etc.) as those breeds tend to have a lot of medical problems. So narrowing down the list of small dogs, we finally came across the corgi. Up until that point, all I knew about the corgi was that they were beloved by the queen…. and that was pretty much it! But after doing extensive research (I weighed the pros and cons and called my former dog trainer, whom I respect and would immediately dismiss if she said it was a bad breed), realized that corgis are one of the most loyal herding dogs out there and was ultimately the perfect dog for us.

To give you a bit of background, there are two types of corgis out there: the cardigan corgi — these are the ones the queen has and are most distinguishable by their long tails — and the pembroke welsh corgi. We ultimately chose the latter as they tend to be smaller and seemed more appropriate for apartment dwelling. Despite what most think, they’re actually bred for herding as their low stature is perfect to avoid the kicking legs of cows. Who knew, right?!

Like any good herding dog, Oshie is a loyal, responsive dog who is quick to let you know what’s up… or wrong. She’s not a yappy dog, but she will let you know if something is amiss with a couple of solid, loud barks. In terms of physical activity, she’s perfect for us apartment dwellers. She requires less than an hour of solid exercise (i.e. running), in addition to a couple extra walks throughout the day. Then she’s out like a light and either curled up in her bed or on the couch sleeping. She’s the perfect dog for us! If you want to know more about what she gets up to, check her out on Instagram.

As for where we got her, we found her through a breeder in Arizona (by way of Seattle). The majority of the closest breeders are based in Washington State. To find a registered breeder, please check out the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Association of America: there you’ll find a list of all registered breeders within the state. You could go the route of an unregistered/backyard breeder but you run the risk of your puppy developing health issues, inbreeding and not to mention (potentially) a poor quality of life for the parent dogs as the breeders focus on pumping out new litters. I would have adopted if I could, but there just wasn’t a dog available that fit our lifestyle. So I went the next option of paying someone who took amazing care of her corgis: Robin from Desprado Pembroke Welsh Corgis. She owns multiple AKC Grand Champions and Performance dogs, and Oshie in particular, was bred with 2 award-winning show dogs. (If you want to go the show dog route, you’ll have to pay extra and then deal with the after effects of not spaying/neutering your pup.)

I’m so happy we went this route and even though we paid an arm and leg for her, Oshie has the best temperament, a gorgeous, shiny coat of fur and a sharp brain that lets her learn tricks faster than we do! If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a note!