3 Tips For Shooting In Crowded Spots

photography tips in popular locations

Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with photography. Whether it’s shooting flatlays or lifestyle shots at home or getting those perfect action or panoramic shots, there’s something about capturing that perfect moment that makes the struggle so worth it! I travelled quite a bit this past year and while I’ve enjoyed all the physical experiences like eating all the food, meeting new people and visiting exciting places, one of the best experiences to date has been getting to capture it all on my camera so that I can savour and share for years to come.

So with that in mind, I wanted to share my 3 tips for shooting in crowded spots so that you end up with a stunning image you’ll cherish and remember forever.

Go during off-peak hours

Now I know you may be rolling your eyes at my “eye-opening” tip but in all seriousness, this mindset has resulted in some of my best travel photos to date. I’m a morning person so I typically visit any destination long before opening hours so that I’m the first in line. Arriving at closing works too—it all depends on the place and time, and not to mention the natural light! Google is your best friend as it shows peak activity hours at any location, so you know when you’re most likely to avoid the crowds. Keep in mind this is all user-generated, but so far their information has yet to fail me.

Reconsider your angles

The New York Public Library, in my opinion, is one of the most stunning buildings in the world but the constant throngs of people make it almost impossible to enjoy unless you get lucky and go on an off-day. My favourite part of this building however can only be seen when you look up… or down! The intricately laid wood floors deserve so much attention and the stunning, ornate ceilings, especially in the stacks—well, let’s just say I’m surprised to not see it more on Instagram. When you’re in a crowded place, sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective and a turn of your head to find the most stunning shot that’s devoid of people.

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Use editing tools

When all else fails, use Photoshop to digitally alter whatever is bothering you. Accidentally snap the tip of your shoe in your flatlay? Crop it out! Did that one stubborn tourist refuse to walk away from your perfect shot? Edit him or her out! Photoshop is fairly straightforward, and with a couple quick clicks of a magical wand (no, seriously—the button looks like a magic wand), that frustrating eyesore will be gone forever.

See below for an example. I couldn’t ask the woman to move as she was on a phone call, so I just winged it and edited her out in post-processing.

photography tips in popular locations

photography tips in popular locations

And that’s it! Do you have any tips? Let me know in the Comments below.


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