How to Create Instagram Highlight Covers

instagram highlight cover

By now you probably will have seen the newest update from Instagram: archived stories that are featured at the top of your profile. I love this update as it allows you to categorize your Stories before they expire and save them for future reference. Whether it’s food, vacation, DIYs, makeup tips—the world is your oyster!

If you’re like me and want to maintain your branding and aesthetics, then creating a cover for all your Highlights is a must! And the best part is that it’s really easy to make—here’s how I did it.

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The first step is deciding on your icons and categories. You can purchase super cute iconography sets from Creative Market (I adore this option) but you can also source them for free on other platforms, including Canva, which is where I found mine. Canva is a free photo editing tool and if it isn’t already, needs to be part of your blogging toolkit!

Whether you’re using Canva, Photoshop or another photo editing tool, the approach is the same:

  1. Create a square canvas that measures 1,000px by 1,000px.
  2. Choose a background colour, ideally one that matches your brand. Pro tip: use colour codes to exact match your colours.
  3. Paste the vector or .EPS file of your iconography onto your canvas and tint a contrasting shade to your background. Make sure your icon is darker than your background as this will be what your Instagram followers will ultimately notice.
  4. Re-size so that your icon takes up about 1/3 of your canvas and re-center.
  5. Save! Make sure to set the resolution to 300 pixels per inch so that your image doesn’t end up pixelated or blurry on your Instagram profile.
  6. Upload to your Instagram Stories; once that’s done, save to your Highlights. If it’s your first image in that category it will automatically become your cover; if it’s not, edit your Highlight and assign your image as the new cover.
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And that’s it! It’s a super easy process that only becomes monotonous if you’re creating a lot of


If you don’t want to create your own, I’m giving away the 10 covers I made for FREE. Get your free resources below.



  1. Paige
    January 23, 2018 / 6:04 pm

    I love this idea, thanks so much. 😉 Time to get crafty!

    • Ana Douglas
      January 24, 2018 / 4:33 pm

      So happy to hear it! Have fun 😉

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