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A couple weeks ago I posted about my new skincare regime courtesy of the talented India Daykin at India Rose Cosmeticary. My skin is literally glowing and I can genuinely say I love all of the products, my absolute favourite being the Antixodant Dew from Kypris.

While I was there I also asked her to overhaul my beauty regime. Growing up as a teen, I didn’t have many Asian role models to look up to so my perception of beauty and makeup was skewed. I also had bad acne so I used to cake on the  foundation and eyeshadow so much so my mom once asked me if I had a black eye (“um, *eye roll* no mom it’s makeup, gaaaaaaawd!”). Now I see photos of myself and I wince — my mom was right, I went a *tad* too heavy on the makeup.

Then I went in the opposite direction and backed off so much I literally didn’t wear any at all for years. I still don’t wear much, just a bit of mascara, blush/highlighter and a swipe of shadow on my lids. It’s not that I don’t want to wear makeup or am scarred from my teenaged years — I literally just don’t know what to use and how to use it properly. So that’s exactly what India and I went about to change: figuring out a daytime approach that was both age and budget appropriate, as well as how to elevate that everyday look for the evening.

I should mention that while you could use a vast assortment of brushes, to keep this budget and time-conscious, we used a Beauty Blender to apply pretty much everything. Before this experience I did already own one; I had read years ago it was this miracle applicator and if you were any self-respecting woman you’d have it in your makeup kit. I bought it immediately after reading but apparently haven’t been using it properly for years. Did you know you’re supposed to dampen it before applying product?! I’d been using it dry all these years — oops! — just make sure if you do go this route, that you clean it often with baby shampoo because nobody needs bacteria growing on the thing you put everywhere on your face.

So here’s what we did:

1. Becca Backlight (optional): As we were taking photos of this entire process, India used a bit of primer for an extra dewy glow. You don’t have to do this every day, just on the days you know you’ll be photographed a lot or you need extra long lasting wear.

2. Glossier Skin Tint:  India used a combination of medium and dark for my complexion. It’s incredibly lightweight and dewy, so much so that after India applied it I was in squealing in delight – my complexion has literally never looked that good and this was only the “base coat” per se. This Skin Tint is light but it provides the perfect amount of coverage to even out the the complexion, all done within a minute – or less!

3. RMS Un Cover-up: We used Shade 33 on my face, focusing in on the middle of my face, including under the eyes, around the nose and any one-off spots. This area, according to India, is where you typically need the most coverage and is why we used a secondary product in addition to the Skin Tint above. As I mentioned earlier, India just dabbed this product around my face and then blended it out with the Beauty Blender.

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4. Tinted RMS Un Powder: We used Shade 2-3 on my T-zone to tone down the shine. This is a trouble area for most people, me especially, and is where most women typically get pretty shiny later on in the afternoon.

5. Chanel Cream Bronzer: Like my skincare post, there was the one indulgent product and this is it. It’s Chanel, so it’s to be expected and oh my gosh, even for this makeup newbie, this stuff is literally amazing, smooth and gives you depth (so necessary – I have the flattest face, lol!) without having the contouring of a Kardashian.  Nothing wrong with that by the way, just not what I’m after for my every day make up look. Apply this stuff along your cheeks, eyes and the perimeter of your forehead, and then blend with your Beauty Blender.

6. Ilia At Last Multi Stick: Any product that has multiple purposes is SO worth it to me. I was sold the moment India told me I could use on both my cheeks AND lips. I asked India where to apply blush because honestly, I still don’t really know. Her recommendation was along the cheekbone and if you weren’t sure , to try this simple trick: don’t smile when you apply it – the moment you’ve stopped smiling, your cheeks will drop and you’ll find you’ve applied your blush too low! Who knew?!

7. RMS Living Luminizer: Ever wonder how you get an instant dewy glow without getting sweaty or looking sweaty/sparkly? Well look no further because this is stuff. As with all products India carries in her store, RMS products is all about supporting your natural beauty and long-term health by using only organic, natural ingredients. Apply this awesome product along your cheekbones (above the blush) and brow bones for an instant glow.

8. RMS Master Mixer: This is another amazing two-in-one product. Apply across your eyelid and between your cheeks (blush) and cheekbones (Living Luminizer) and blend it all together. If I had to travel with just one product, it would be this one just because it’s so versatile! I love it SO much that I’m giving one away! Head to my Instagram to learn how you could win.

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9. Ecobrow in Liz: I have sparse eyebrows and always have to fill them in if I want them to even show up in pictures. I’ve been using an Anastasia pencil for years but really like how smooth and long-lasting this mineral-based wax is. India recommends to apply lightly where there are gaps and to concentrate most of the product on the arches — but not the inner corner as you don’t want a hard line. Finish by brushing your eyebrows upwards and them comb through.

10. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black: And for your final step, swipe on a bit of mascara. This one has lasted the test of time and I can always bank on the Black Waterproof version to last me through an extra long day.

Here’s the final daytime look:


At this point, you’ve probably been wearing your makeup for a full day. If you feel cakey and gross, India recommends using a baby wipe to wipe off all the makeup right beneath the eye. Then add a bit of eye cream or plain ol’ lip balm to moisturize, reapply your under eye conceal and voila! You’ll feel instantly refreshed without going to all the trouble of taking your makeup off and (re)starting off fresh.

To elevate my daytime look and add a bit more drama to the eyes (without making it look like I had a black eye) India added RMS Solar Cream and Rituel De Fille eye soot in “Half Light” to darken up the shadow on my lid. Then she used a bit of dark brown powder and packed it tight to the lash line. You could also use eyeliner instead of the powder at this point but I thought this was a neat way to add a bit of a smokey eye without resorting to a tightline. Then India used a shimmery bronzer and applied it to my forehead, cheeks and nose bridge. We deepened the lip colour with another Ilia lip colour, this time resorting to Madam Mina. Et voila! Here’s the final evening look – what do you think?

Many thanks to the gorgeous and talented India for her assistance! Seriously, if you’re in Vancouver you need to go check out her shop… like right now!

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