Expanding our Horizon

Awhile back I alluded to some big changes in our life. Well, the cat’s out of the bag — we’re moving! A few weeks ago we started to toy with the idea of selling our apartment, and within a week, we’d closed. That’s the state of the real estate market in Vancouver!

It’s a bitter sweet moment for us. It was the first place that we owned, that we had worked tirelessly on to make it feel like a home. No joke, I literally JUST put the last painting up on the wall only a few months ago. It was our first “adult” home and was our sanctuary when we first brought our tiny corgi puppy back from the US. She took her first wobbly steps on our hardwood floors and, inevitably, had her first few (okay, handful) of accidents in our halls.

Now as we’re packing our belongings into cardboard boxes (although I’m seriously considering using Frogbox this time around), we’re planning our next adventure — most likely as renters! While we’ll most likely end up back in our old stomping ground in Vancouver, we briefly debated moving out to New Westminster where rent is marginally cheaper. We actually took this weekend to go out and explore the area, and while most places were shut because of the statutory holiday, we loved the feel of the neighbourhood and (window) touring the funky cafés and and storefronts.

So long story short, if you know of any places up for rent in Vancouver hit me up! As always, I’ll be sharing my story with you here on the blog — as I’m writing this, I’m already cooking up a few packing posts! So stay tuned and wish us luck!

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