Must Haves: My Favourite Skincare Products

I don’t know about you but the changing of the seasons from warm and muggy to dry, cool air wreaks havoc on my skin – and I end up looking like the crypt keeper’s daughter. Over the years I’ve figured out that the best solution is oil. “Oil you say? But I have oily skin! Won’t that make my skin even worse?” At least that’s exactly what I thought until I tried it, and guess what? My skin soaked it right up! And now years later, no matter the weather, no matter the conditions my skin always feels firm, smooth and fresh afterwards.

So along with regular facials, here are the products I use to keep my skin the healthiest it can be:

  1. Origins Clear Improvement. Blackheads be gone! This charcoal mask is awesome at minimizing large blackheads, and with combination skin like mine, can be used alongside The Body Shop’s Clarifying Mask (see below).
  2. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. Seriously, this stuff is liquid gold. I never thought I could use face oil on oily skin but trust me, you can! It actually helps regulate oil production and now my skin is glowy, supple and smooth. At $185 a pop, it is quite pricey so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil from Sephora also works wonders.
  3. The Body Shop Clarifying Polishing Mask. I was introduced to this line through Jen Chiu aka beauty vlogger @ChiuTips! Rice water is an ancient Chinese beauty secret to help keep skin youthful and bright! The Body Shop has incorporated this into their newest line of face masks, and this one in particular is fantastic at revealing an improved complexion that’s brighter-looking and more supple.
  4. Facial Mask Brush. When I first got the mask I thought I’d have to apply it on with my fingers. Lucky me, the Body Shop has made the most gorgeous brush – seriously, it goes on so smoothly – to accompany their new masks so no fingers necessary!
  5. Clarisonic Mia 2 Fit. This does a great job at thoroughly cleaning your face and helps decrease those tiny bumps on your face (which are actually clogged pores!). This model is supposedly the travel size version but to me, it’s still quite bulky and wouldn’t be something I’d pack in my luggage. It also requires extensive cleaning. It’s never happened to me but I have heard horror stories of mold growing behind the brush.
  6. Skoah Kleansing Lotion and Tonik. These are my go-to staples and have been for years now, plus they’re local! The Lotion is a gentle cleansing lotion you can use once, or even twice daily, without your skin getting tight. A quick wipe with the Tonik to get your skin’s PH balanaced is all you need to get on with your day!
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Bonus: it’s not a skincare product, per se, but it sure does the skin good. I’m talking about TruMarine Collagen! It keeps my skin, hair, nails and joints healthy and I’ve seen an enormous difference since I started taking it early this summer.


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