My Favourite Things: July Edition

Blink and it’s gone. How is it July already, and more importantly – how are we already through half the year? It feels like I was just making my 2017 resolutions yet I know so much has happened between then and now: I’ve visited San Francisco, New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal; I’ve met new friends and reconnected with old; I’ve focused on my health and made huge strides in my overall digestive system (more on that later); and most important, I feel content in the direction my life is going (again, more on that another time).

So without further ado, wanted to share the items I’ve been loving lately.

Clearly: After hurting my eye in Boston, I was forced to wear my glasses for a couple of days. I have no problem wearing them… in private. Publicly, I never do because they’re so dated and frankly, ugly. Like, they’re red – what was I thinking?! So Clearly graciously sent me a pair from Kam Dhillon and I LOVE them — so does Oshie apparently, lol. They’re stylish yet affordable, and best of all, they’re Canadian!

Maui Moisture: I’ve only recently started to die my hair (just a few highlights here and there, but still) and I’ve already noticed a bit of damage. It’s pretty minimal — it’s mostly just split ends and dry ends — but compared to the healthy hair I had a year ago it’s kind of alarming. My friends over at Maui Moisture sent me their Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, and my hair has already regained the lustre it was missing. It is a lot thicker than I’m used to so use sparingly! But it smells so good that if you close your eyes while showering you’ll fully believe you’re in some lush, tropical jungle.

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Eau Thermale Avène: It’s only been the past year that I’ve noticed my skin’s appearance is entirely dependent on how I treat it the day before. Case in point: if I sleep poorly or don’t get enough, I wake up with puffy bags under my eyes. At that point, the only thing that truly makes them disappear is right the wrong, and getting a solid nights sleep but there are a couple things I can do to mitigate the situation until then, including using the YsthéAL Intense. It’s a light, sensitive formula that boasts a benchmark anti-aging active ingredient designed to boost cellular activity in the skin. Uhhhh, yes please!

Life Brand Clear Action: I was just in Montreal for a week and ate a lot of greasy food. I knew my skin was going to flare up as I was eating it and boy, I was not wrong. I’ve been using the Active Anti-Acne Repairing Treatment for over a month now and each time it works 100% effectively. I will disclose that it only works on “normal” zits (i.e. the small ones with little red/white heads) and not the cystic kind, which I also suffer from.

Read the North: In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday this year, Chapters Indigo released their #ReadTheNorth campaign honouring our country’s amazing Canadian authors, including Margaret Atwood, Eden Robinson, Joy McCarthy, and many more. My personal favourites include the Last Neanderthal, Joyous Detox and the Handmaid’s Tale.


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