My Favourite Things: March Edition

Happy Spring! I can’t believe how fast time is going by – with my full time job, catching up with friends and a few trips I’ve had to take, I haven’t had much time to breathe. I still haven’t put art up on my walls, despite having moved in a year and a half ago, but, like so many other things, it’s on my list of things to do! I promise – and you guys will hold me accountable, right?! So without further ado, I wanted to share a few items that I’m loving right now.

SkinCeuticals by Project Skin: I’ve been meaning to get a facial for literally months now. I used to get a standard European facial but lately have felt like I needed to step it up a bit due to a few changes I’ve noticed in my skin: among them tiny little bumps along my forehead, under eye bags and *sigh* wrinkles. So after news that Project Skin had opened a new location in Richmond Centre, I decided to try them out. This was my first time ever getting a medical facial but while nervous, I was immediately put at ease by Juliana, my exceptional technician. The antioxidant firming peel was indulgent and combined with the MAX+ LED light at the end made me feel like a million bucks, where, no joke, I could visibly see that my skin was more firm and plump than when I walked in. If you want to treat yourself, and not pay an arm and leg, you need to see these guys. I’ve already made a follow up appointment!

BEL Jewelry BoutiqueI once bought the most amazing necklace with leaf pendant — it was one of those pieces where the moment I walked into the store, my eyes were immediately drawn to it. It just so happened that this boutique was in New York, during a high school trip to the Big Apple, which was also my first visit to the city! So when I ended up losing it years later, I was devastated. Things always have a way of working out because a few months ago I found an exact replica from a designer here in Canada! Based in Red Deer, BEL Jewelry designs are all handmade and focus on the simplicity of fashion and highlight natural elements. I love them and am so happy to have my pendant back in my wardrobe!

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Pura Vida BraceletsI’m very particular about the jewelry that I wear, and what I do wear tends to be simple and hold some kind of value (see above!). When I first heard about Pura Vida bracelets I was intrigued. Their designs are adorable AND they have a great purpose behind all their bracelets. Each bracelet they sell helps provide full-time jobs for artisans in Costa Rica, each of our bracelets help provide full-time jobs for artisans in Costa Rica; partnering with over 190 different charities, they’ve donated more than $935k to date! It’s hard not to appreciate a mission like that, plus with gold jewelry that’s nautical AND simple, I just can’t say no. If you want to get in yourself, feel free to use “ANADOUGLAS20” to get 20% off your order.

Saje Wellness Allergy Release Kit: Ahhhhhh, spring. The time for peonies, longer days and *sigh* hayfever. I’m pretty much allergic to the entire natural world: trees, pollen, grass, to name a few. I typically rely on Reactine but to be honest, I don’t like having to rely on a pill every day. So lo and behold, I discovered that my favourite brand, Saje Wellness, offers a 100% natural kit to help relieve allergy symptoms and help me breathe easy. As with literally all their products, it smells amazing, and the line is so diverse, you’ll never be without it. Seriously, there’s a roller, a spray, and my favourite – an aromaCar water-free car diffuser! Get your Seasonal Shift kit now because it’s only available in stores for a short time!

OGX Anti-breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: Winter and the harsh cold has been rough on my skin… and hair! I already have weak strands so I needed something to toughen them up and give them some moisturizing TLC. This shampoo and conditioner duo from OGX not only smells amazing but within 2-3 washes, I immediately noticed thicker, fuller hair. It’s super gentle (like I wouldn’t be scared if I had to wash my hair two days in a row with this stuff!) and it certainly helps amp up the glamorous shine! 

Bio Oil and Lipidol: I’ve mentioned Bio Oil before, but while I was in Toronto I really put this product to the test. The weather for the 8 days we were out there was brutally cold and worst of all, dry. In a matter of hours, my skin went from soft to closely resembling that of an alligator! So I used a combination of Bio Oil and Lipidol because truth be told, the hotel moisturizer was not quite cutting it. And the verdict? It did not disappoint! Want to test this out for yourself? Head to my Instagram now and enter my Bio Oil giveaway!

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