Go With the Flow

Initially I titled this blog post because of the flowy dress but now that I’m reflecting on what I’m about to write, it’s quite symbolic of what I’d like to chat about. I’ve been suffering through numerous symptoms for the past year — symptoms I endured so often I just thought it was part of my life. Think extreme lethargy by 3pm every day, no matter how much I slept, and sore joints and a bloated stomach anytime I ate bread or ice cream (beyond your average bloat). I finally gave in and saw a doctor and naturopath, who after a bunch of tests, told me I had developed an intolerance to dairy, wheat and sugar. To top it all off, I also found out that I have adrenal fatigue and a thyroid problem. Needless to say, I was bummed but realized it was a blessing in disguise. Finally I had reasons for these symptoms and a clear action plan on how to recover. Instead of fighting the symptoms, which was becoming an ever increasing uphill battle, I went the proverbial flow and started my recovery process. So with positive vibes in mind, let’s focus is on this amazing dress.

The moment I laid eyes on this dress in Nordstrom I knew I needed it! Since I’m so short I don’t normally go for longer hems but the tiers and colour blocking ensure your stature isn’t overwhelmed! The dress is so light and flowy, and would be perfect for a summer beach day or a fun outing with the girls. I added a pair of heels to this particular outfit above but you could easily pair it with some white sneakers! I can’t wait to wear this dress more this summer.

Want to get full outfit details? Scroll on below to find out:

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