How to Set A Realistic Wedding Budget Pt. 2

vancouver wedding budget

It feels like just yesterday that I was busy organizing, crunching numbers and sharing my estimated wedding costs and budgeting tips with you. Now our wedding has come and gone and it’s time to share the final tally.

Everybody warns you that the day will go by in a heartbeat – and they’re right! And while it was stressful in the moment, it feels bittersweet to be finished with it all. My husband (!) and I can now reflect on all of the amazing memories, hilarious photos and financial lessons we’ve learned along the way to our “I dos.”

vancouver wedding budget

I mentioned in my last post that my goal was to keep our wedding under $20,000. Here’s a quick summary of my estimated budget:

  • Venue: $3,597
  • Food: $7,000
  • Alcohol: $1,750
  • Florist: $915
  • Decor: $750
  • Photography: $2,800
  • Dress: $350
  • Day Of Coordinator: $1,200
  • DJ/Emcee: $996
  • Officiant: $515
  • Transportation: $300
  • Make up & hair (bride only): $280

Total estimate: $20,453

So want to know if I came in under budget? Head to Vancity’s blog to see my final budget breakdown!

Thanks to Vancity for sponsoring this post.


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