How to Style the Perfect Shelfie with La-Z-Boy

I moved into my condo almost two years ago. And while decorating and making a house feel like a home is no easy feat, I’m happy to say that I’m 95% done. The only remaining thing? Styling my shelves! I admit, I left this for last because it was overwhelming and I simply didn’t know where to start. I Pinterest-ed hard and consulted with my favourite interior designer here in Vancouver, and after much trial and error and weeks of searching high and low for the perfect items, I did it!

My biggest learning was to design with balance in mind. My theme was white and gold, and at the beginning, I went overboard placing ONLY white and/or gold items. But eventually I realized from colour to texture, height to price, and regardless of if you were decorating one or fifty shelves, balance is THE biggest element when designing and styling your shelves.

Want to skip what I went through and learn how to style the perfect shelfie? Head to La-Z-Boy’s blog to find out my three simple steps!


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