Improving Your Social Strategy: Twitter

In my opinion, Twitter is the best social platform out there. It’s instant, free (so is Facebook, but to have any reach these days you have to pay to play) and it’s socially acceptable to connect with people you kind of know or don’t know at all. As a marketer, anything that allows those 3 things is HUGE.

I came across a great infographic explaining how to improve your social strategy and increase your followers. But first, here are a couple of tips I’ve learned in my years working in digital marketing:

  • Polish your profile. Update your profile photo so that it is recent, professional and approachable – a great smile never hurt anyone! Next is your bio. You’re allowed 140 characters, take advantage of it! What do you do? What makes you stand out? Have any hobbies? Include them!
  • Tweet frequently and regularly. I’m not talking every hour on the hour (if that’s what you do, though, kudos!). But what kind of person would follow you if the last Tweet you sent was from 2 months ago? Plus, with handy scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer out there, it doesn’t take much to keep an active social presence.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to expand your social reach but #when #overused #they #are #annoying #and #disingenuous. My rule of thumb is to use 2 per Tweet (MAX. 3); never at the beginning of a Tweet, rather used mid-sentence, or best, at the end of the Tweet.
  • Follow people. In an ideal world, your dream followers would all discover and follow you overnight. Until then, how else will those dream followers ever find you if you don’t follow them first?
  • Engage. This is the the most time consuming yet most rewarding part. Start a conversation. There are many ways to start: jump in on a Twitter chat, RT/Favourite a stranger’s Tweet, respond to a Tweet you see in your Newsfeed (my favourite way is with a GIF), or Tweet directly to a brand or person you may know (or may not know but admire).
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Twitter followers outlines


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