INFOGRAPHIC: How Women and Men Use Social Media & Mobile

If you’ve read my bio you know by now that separating me from my iPhone is practically impossible (one of the few places I can be parted from my phone however is during a movie. Last night I sat next to a girl in the theater who was on her phone the entire time with FULL screen brightness. It completely ruined the movie for me and I will never be one of these people, ever!).

To be fair, my job consists of social media and online marketing so I’m always checking my email and monitoring company social accounts – social media is truly a 24/7 job! But when I’m “off the clock,” I’m often still on my iPhone, browsing through Instagram, sifting through Twitter and scrolling through the latest news on my CBC and Huffington Post apps.

So I was intrigued when I saw this infographic (courtesy of PR Daily) outlining the psychology between how men and women use their smartphones. Would I be surprised by the results? Or would everything ring true with my own life and mobile habits?

Well after a thorough read-through, here are some takeaways I found most surprising:

  • 71% of women on Facebook are willing to ‘like’ a brand for deals. Only 18% of men do that.
  • Just 7% of women use their smartphones to read a newspaper/the news (*sigh*).
  • Men are more likely to use their smartphone for dating (wow, really?).
  • Only 39% of women are likely to scan coupons… or QR codes (do people still use those things?)
  • Women are 10% more likely to play games on their smartphone than men!
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Here’s the full infographic:


What do you think? Are you surprised? Or do none of these stats come as a shock? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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