My Secret Ingredient to Baking… Eggs!

secret ingredient to baking

I’ve loved baking ever since I could remember. In fact, in another life I’d like to think I’d own a cute bakery nestled in the heart of a quaint little neighbourhood. After our recent honeymoon to Paris, where we ate our way through all the patisseries they had to offer, I came back home itching to put my stand mixer to good use and whip up everything we had tried abroad. After making my versions of croissants and tarts there was one thing I was still craving—cupcakes! While it’s certainly not a French delicacy, these cupcakes are so light, moist and fluffy you’ll think you’re eating air… all the more reason to have seconds!

The secret ingredient that makes these cupcakes so moist and delicious isn’t something expensive, elusive or exotic. In fact, they’re something I bet you already have in your fridge right now. It’s eggs!

Eggs are critical building blocks in all baking and serve multiple purposes in all types of pastries and desserts. Eggs add the necessary richness to pastries like cakes, while in soufflés they act as a leavening agent. The fatty yolk gives so many desserts—including creme brulées—that iconic rich yellow colour while whipped egg whites keep pastries moist and voluminous. Eggs are so simple yet enormously complex, and are critical to making your baking a success. So for that reason alone, they’re my (not so) secret ingredient to all your baked good dreams!

Having said all that, it comes as no surprise that I was egg-static when I was told last Friday was World Egg Day! A whole day to celebrate eggs and the amazing local farmers who produce them? Count me in!

secret ingredient to baking

secret ingredient to baking

secret ingredient to baking

That Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Jon and Mark, two local farmers from Abbotsford, at the Save-On-Foods Cambie location. As third generation farmers, they were so knowledgeable about eggs and the production process. I was so impressed by their dedication and passion as they wowed me with these 5 awesome egg facts:

  1. The majority of Canadian egg farms are family owned and run. Like Jon and Mark, many of them are also generational farmers and are so passionate and dedicated to their craft. Canadian egg farmers do what they love and care about farming, the animals and producing eggs for the public.
  2. It typically takes under 7 days for eggs to arrive from the farm to the grocery store. Talk about fresh produce!
  3. While they may appear different, brown and white eggs are in fact the same egg and have the same nutritional value. The only difference between the two is the type of chicken they come from: the former comes from a chicken with brown feathers while the latter comes from a chicken with white feathers.
  4. The size of egg typically corresponds to the age of a chicken. Young chickens typically produce smaller eggs while older ones produce large to extra large eggs.
  5. You can find local eggs from local farmers wherever you shop!

Want to learn more about the Egg Farmers of Canada? Visit and be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

This blog post was sponsored by the Egg Farmers of Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #ad

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