How to Set a Realistic Wedding Budget

ana douglas wedding budget

Love doesn’t cost a thing, but a wedding sure does! The average wedding in Canada runs upwards of $30,000 these days. Don’t stress, though. Setting a realistic wedding budget is possible.

I’ve never really wanted a big wedding, but, from the moment I got engaged last summer, I knew I wanted our closest friends and family around us as we exchanged our vows — preferably followed by food, drink and music. So, after much deliberation and number crunching, we decided to throw a small celebration with 60 guests.

At the time, I budgeted $10,000 all in.

How naive I was! Unless you’re getting married in your backyard, that number, on average, is twice or even triple that amount.

ana douglas wedding budget

After getting over the sticker shock, I started to research ways to pare that number down; to skip the frills and only have things that are actually important to us.

The Type A that I am, I compiled all of my learnings and wrote them down in a blog post. To get in on some helpful tips I picked up on how to set a realistic budget and still get the wedding you want for under $20,000, head to Vancity’s blog. I can’t wait to see what you think!

Have any tips of your own? Let me know in the Comments below.

Thanks to Vancity for sponsoring my post.

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