How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation

How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation

I’m the first to admit it: I’m a workaholic and a Type-A who needs to be in constant control. Most of the time it works in my favour but there have been a few times, especially recently, where I’ve found these habits to be working against me. Most recently, it’s caused me to suffer during my days off — whether they’re weekends, days in lieu or even holidays abroad. I can’t fully let go and constantly find myself checking my email “in case of an emergency” or checking in on Twitter to see if anything is amiss.

Well, I’m going on vacation in a couple of days and even though there’s Wi-Fi throughout the resort and I’ll have my Easy Roam activated, I’m making a commitment to myself to disconnect and NOT be available. Yes, I’ll post on Instagram Stories (because who are we kidding here) but the moment I get to the airport, my Out of Office will be on and my Mail app will be moved to the last screen on my phone.

Knowing that, here’s how I plan on setting myself up for a stress-free vacation:


Boomerang is a free Chrome Extension that allows you to schedule your emails and send follow up reminders. I don’t like to send emails out Friday after noon, and send the majority of my emails out in the evenings and weekends. To ensure I stay at the top of inboxes, and not get buried from the weekend spam, I always schedule my emails to go out early Monday or Tuesday. For my upcoming vacation, I’ll write all the emails, pitches and replies I need to this week leading up to our departure, and schedule them all to go out during working hours the following week!

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How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation

Set up a VIP list:

If there IS a real emergency I want to make sure that I can be reached. So instead of being 100% reachable I’ve set up a select key group of people as VIPs in my phone (for iOS only) — if they send me an email or text, I’ll get an alert. From there, I can choose whether or not to deal with it as opposed to being bombarded by everything and everyone.

Automate my posts: 

No, I won’t become a robot but I will schedule a lot of my proactive content on Twitter and Facebook so all I’ll need to do while I’m away is engage and respond. And I know what you’re thinking: yes, that still is working but to be honest, social media engagement is the fun part! The difficult part is sourcing good content to share and writing copy, so if I do it all before I leave, then that takes a massive load off my back.

TELUS Easy Roam:

Having peace of mind that I can make calls, send messages to my loved ones and use my data like I’m back home with Easy Roam is so worth it. Plus, at $10/day for the ease and convenience of using your phone without any hassle is a no brainer!

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