INFOGRAPHIC: Are You On the Right Social Media Platform?

Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn…oh my! And that’s only half of it! So which platform should you choose? Simple – all of them, as they each have their own purpose. Here’s a general overview of each social media platform:


Just remember that each social platform has different peak times for posting, so take advantage! The best times to post on each platform are:

  • Facebook: 1-4PM
  • Twitter: 1-3PM
  • LinkedIn 7-9AM or 5-6Pm
  • Google+: 9-11AM
  • Pinterest: 2-4PM or 8PM – 1AM

A final note: I know I say above you should be on all social media platforms but it does ultimately depend on what you’re comfortable with and what your job involves. As I work in the social media and digital marketing world, the more networks I’m on the better. But for someone in sales, then perhaps Pinterest isn’t as helpful to them as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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