Why We Used A Travel Agent For Our Trip to Bali

Last Valentine’s Day, Reid and I decided that instead of roses and chocolate, we’d gift each other plane tickets to Indonesia! For all of our past trips, I’m normally the one booking tickets, checking airlines and comparing prices but this time we decided to do something different – we used a travel agent! Yep, you read that right. We walked into our local Flight Centre and asked them to take care of booking and coordinating our travel.

Why? Simple. The travel agent we worked with (Chelsea… but we later worked with Stacey) had been to the island before and knew exactly what we should do and where we should stay based on our likes and dislikes (aka we’re not partiers and backpackers — been there, done that!). Also, because I had been lusting after the country for so long my list of things to do and see was never-ending, and in retrospect, we never would have fit it in with the limited time we had. Chelsea was able to narrow down the most important items on my list and from there, create a rough itinerary that I could work with and tailor for Reid and I.

Flight Centre partners with Buffalo Tours, a popular travel company in South East Asia — which meant that our travel within towns and cities were taken care of. Because trust me, the last thing you want to do after travelling for 36+ hours on no sleep is haggle with a local driver to take you to your hotel. Most hotels we saw do offer complimentary airport pick ups and drop offs, but this is just how it worked out for us!

An example of how easy these guys make your travel: we were on Gili Meno, a remote island with very poor Wi-Fi service, and had a problem with our booking. The hotel graciously let us in, and while we were sipping a cool drink, I sent Stacey a quick email asking her about our reservation. A few hours later, POOF, the hotel front desk had everything sorted. And not once did I, the control freak, break a sweat!

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As a heads up, this post is not sponsored. I just love Flight Centre. Seriously. If you’re travelling abroad to a country you’ve never been to before and want that 100% peace of mind, consider a visit to the fine folks at Flight Centre. You can even look up the Customer Reps to see if they’ve been the country you’re travelling to for an extra personalized service.


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